Communication System on the Cloud

Starting $19.99 CAD/phone (IP Phones Included)

All in one Hosted PBX Business Phone System, Collaboration, Call Centre, and more...
Signal Canada Corporate Phone System Service Plans are specially designed for businesses operated in office or semi-office environment, and looking for cost saving with commercial quality VOIP Service. It combines both benefits of standard PBX features, and the flexibilities of VOIP service. Because of VOIP, there are no PBX hardware required. Our affordable Monthly Contract Plans also included IP Phone equipments with continuous warranty for your business continuity.

Say goodbye to high maintenance PBX phone systems and signup your Signal Canada account today.
Offisky Hosted PBX Solutions - All you need for your Business Phone System

Included everything you need for your business communications, such as, Internal Extension Dialling, Call Transfer, Call Parking, Fax-to-Email, Enhance Voicemail (Voicemail-to-Email), Unlimited Phone number and Toll Free number, Auto-Attendant, / IVR - Paging / Intercom, Call Recording, Click-to-Dial, Simultaneous Calling (Call Group), and many more.

Team Collaboration Panel - Work together, anywhere, anytime

A web-based (Browser Based) online panel, allow your staff to work remotely. The Collaboration panel display everyone's working status without being at the office. It helps the company communicate more effectively.
Cloud-based Call Centre. Professional with no physical Location limit

Your customer's call will line up into a priority call queue and listen to your company music / advertisement, and wait for your operator(s). Your operators can be anywhere as long as you have provided them access into your account (out sourced agents, work at home operators, etc).

Auto Attendant, automatically redirect your customer to appropriate destination

Customer's call will be automatically direct to appropriate destination by your choice (ie. your receptionist, by departments, by languages, etc). Unlimited levels and amount of IVRs supported.
Management & Training - Easily managed your business operations on the Cloud

Provide training, supervising, managing, and logging tools to help you get a better understanding and control of your business operations.

Build for Flexibility - Take complete control of your communications

Our service is designed for flexible, and provide you with necessary tools for your configuration. Meaning no matter how compliciated your business model is, we are ready for you.
Cloud Operations - Removing physical location boundaries

No matter how many retail or office locations, or work at home staffs in your business, you are always connected.

Pricing - Business Packages (Phone Equipment Included)
Our Business Packages are designed for small to medium size businesses who are looking for a cutting edge business phone system with minimal technical skills. All packages include basic Hosted PBX phone system setup, as well as the IP phone equipment and setup.

No need to pre-purchase your phone system, phones, or order phone lines from your phone provider, we provide everything you need for your service. What you pay is just a one time setup fee, and your ongoing monthly charge. Take our provided IP phones back to your office, plug into your network, and you are ready to go.
All Business Usage Combos include:

  • Please contact our sales team for more phones bundle packages.
  • Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed. If you didn't like our service within the first 14 days, bring it back for a full refund.
  • Continuous Equipment Warranty. If something goes wrong with your equipment within the contract period, we will exchange another unit with no extra cost.
  • All corporate plans included 1x VOIP 911 Registration.
  • All setup includes phone configurations, extensions configurations, 2 auto-attendants (1 for office hours and 1 for after hours), voicemail registrations, and a VOIP 911 registration.
  • Simple self plug-and-play installation. Onsite Setup service available, and includes connectivity, internet, and IP Phone quality testing. Internal network wiring not included but available (Toronto (GTA) area only. Additional charge and/or contract terms apply).
  • Free, all inclusive 100+ business features available and ready to add into your business (ie. call queue, collaboration panel, etc).
  • Toll Free inbound minutes are not included in any minute or monthly plans.
  • Canada Wide Calling includes all major urban cities in Canada (Some Rural cities not included, such as, Yukon, Northwest Territories & Nunavut Region).
  • US48 Calling includes all major urban cities in United States, excluding Hawaii and Alaska.
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